Flange - Flange - Proizvodni program

Company Niro Steel d.o.o. Jesenice was founded in 1994 as a privately owned company with limited liability. Our main activity is a production of flanges and other products made of stainless steel. From its very beginning, the company is very export-oriented, its main markets are the EU and Switzerland. Keywords: Flanges , Flange , Stainless , INOX , Sheet metal , Cutting , Collars , Machine parts , Niro Steel

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Pravno obvestilo V redu

Production Programme

Forms of sealing surfaces of flanges

Products manufactured according to costumer's documentation are manufactured in accordance with the documentation and requirements in the order.
Flanges that are not manufactured according to specific standards have their sealing surface form following the designation EN 1092-1:2001.

Labeled accoridng to EN 1092-1:2001 Forms of sealing surfaces of flanges(1)
Form A Smooth sealing surface
Form B Sealing strip
Form C Sealing nipple
Form D Sealing groove
Form E Projecting sealing strip
Form F Grooved sealing strip
Form G Projecting strip for O-ring
Form H Grooved sealing strip for O-ring
(1) dimensions for flange facing standard EN1092-1: 2001 Tb.4


If not required otherwise in the documentation.

Type of sealing surface Turning insert Turning insert (mm) RA (nmm) RZ (nmm)
A, B, E, F Turning with concentric or spiral grooves 1,0
C, D, G, H Turning with concentric or spiral grooves