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Company Niro Steel d.o.o. Jesenice was founded in 1994 as a privately owned company with limited liability. Our main activity is a production of flanges and other products made of stainless steel. From its very beginning, the company is very export-oriented, its main markets are the EU and Switzerland. Keywords: Flanges , Flange , Stainless , INOX , Sheet metal , Cutting , Collars , Machine parts , Niro Steel

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Pravno obvestilo V redu


Our main material is stainless steel sheet. Manufacturing of products up to a thickness of 125mm sheets, up 125mm stainless bars. It is also possible processing from carbon steel.


Cutting on CNC plasma cutters:

  • Dimensions 2000mm (2500mm)x6000mm thickness till 60mm.
  • Plasma cutting with a protective gas. Tolerance according to ISO 9013-342 is achieved without additional treatment.

Band saw

Cutting band saw with a diameter of up ø400mm.


Bending blade to a final diameter up to ø1720mm.


Classic and CNC turning.

  • Classic up to diameter 1720mm
  • CNC up to diameter 1200mm


Milling on CNC machines up to ø1300 mm.


Drilling on CNC and conventional machines

  • CNC to ø1300mm
  • Classical to ø1800mm